New partnership with Ruck Science finalized

The RRAA would like to take this opportunity to introduce our members, fans and friends to our new corporate partner. We are pleased to announce that as of this week, the RRAA will officially be endorsing the sports nutrition company, Ruck Science. As part of their sponsorship program, the RRAA will receive cash donations for all purchases made on that mention the club name. For everyone who is already using these products, thank you very much for letting us know about the company and putting us in touch with their management team. For anyone who isn’t using Ruck Science for your nutrition and supplement needs, please take a look around their website for more information about their line of products.

Company background

Most nutrition companies provide products for a huge range of people who participate in all manner of different sports. One of the reasons the RRAA decided to go with Ruck Science as our official nutrition supplier was that they provide products exclusively for the rugby community. Per their website - Ruck Science specifically caters towards rugby players – not football, wrestling, or bodybuilding. Just quality nutrition for rugby players. Their management team is based in Austin, TX and are all lifelong rugby players. Having spoken to them individually it’s clear that they’re very committed to the game and the community as a whole.

Products by objective and period

For anyone not super-familiar with supplement usage, their website has some useful bundles or “stacks” of supplements that are targeted towards individual training objectives and periods during the season. So this might be a good place to start if you haven’t used these kinds of products before as part of your rugby diet. For example, here are a couple of their best rated stacks:

How donations work

For those of you who have been involved in rugby club fundraising, you’ll know that one of the biggest obstacles is usually the setup of a sponsorship. Starting with a new sponsor typically involves getting new jersey’s or printing new logos on the existing clothing. That all costs money. There’s also the ongoing cost of keeping a sponsor happy and making sure they’re going to make their payments on time and that they’ll renew their contract in the future. One of the nice things about this deal is that there is minimal work involved for the RRAA management team. On the 15th of each month, Ruck Science will apply their donation formula to orders that use the RRAA club name and they’ll send us a cash donation via PayPal. It’s that simple. Some clubs around the country are earning between $400-$600 annually through these donations.

We’ve also been pleasantly surprised and delighted by the company’s rugby training blog which includes a tonne of titles that you probably wouldn’t expect to see. YEs, they do have the standard stuff about training and nutrition, which sort of makes sense. But they also branch out into less talked about concepts. Here are some of our favs:

How to get started

A couple things to keep in mind if you want to try out Ruck Science and compare them to other supplement manufacturers:

  1. Sign up for Rucks (their rewards program) and you’ll get $20 to spend before your first purchase.

  2. Check out the rugby sample stack which has all 4 of their custom rugby supplement blends in a handy carrying stack for just $20.

  3. Use these coupon codes for great introductory offers

    1. RRAAINTRO will provide 30% off your first order

    2. INTROSTACK will provide 50% off sample stacks

  4. Enter RPI Alumni as your rugby club during the checkout process so they know where to send the donations!


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